Our Laser Treatment

Experience the versatility of Sciton mJOULE procedures at The Hydration Station, addressing a spectrum of concerns from acne to hair loss.

Our mJOULE system provides a comprehensive range of treatments, and we offer customizable packages to cater to your specific needs.

Our Pricing

  • BBL Acne Back $350/ea
  • BBL Acne Chest $350/ea
  • BBL Acne Face  $250/ea
  • BBL Chest $400/ea BBL
  • Face $450/ea BBL Face Package (3) $1100/ea
  • BBL Face, Neck, and Chest $400/ea BBL
  • Chest $900/ea BBL
  • Hands $225/ea BBL
  • Hands Package (3) $575/ea
  • BBL Hands $225/ea
  • BBL Neck Package (3) $850/ea
  • BBL Spot Treatment $150/ea
  • Moxie & BBL Chest $800/ea
  • Moxie & BBL Face $900/ea
  • Moxie & BBL Neck $600/ea

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