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Our Infrared Sauna Services

Sweating for detoxification is a centuries-old practice validated by modern environmental medicine. It acknowledges sweat as a vital component of the body’s elimination system, surpassing its role in temperature regulation. It stands as one of the most effective ways to detoxify the body.

At The Hydration Station, our Infrared Sauna services provide a refreshing departure from traditional sauna experiences. By warming the body from within, rather than just heating the air, the infrared sauna offers a more enjoyable and efficient detoxification process. This innovative approach allows us to achieve superior results at lower temperatures, making your journey toward holistic well-being both relaxing and effective.

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Pricing Infrared Sauna

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First-timers can now enjoy a session for only $19!

  • Single Session – $39
  • 3 Pack – $109
  • 5 Pack – $159 + Free Lipo-B12 shot at first session ($30 value!)
  • Unlimited Monthly Usage – $229 + Free Lipo-B12 shot at first session ($30 value!)
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Frequently Asked Questions

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We recommend starting at no less than 15 minutes, with the ability to work up to 45 minute sessions.
Most clients will utilize the sauna 3-5 times a week, and sometimes as often as daily.

Infrared Saunas have the following potential benefits: Improve Circulation and Heart Health, Relieve Inflammation, Aid the Body in Processing Heavy Metals, Accelerate Athletic Recovery, Detoxification Relation, and Improved Sleep.

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