IV Therapy

IV Therapy

Our IV’s


IV with Lactated Ringers,
B vitamins, Anti Nausea or Pain Relief to get you feeling as good as new!

Member $79

Non Member $99

Iron Man

IV with Lactated Ringers,
B vitamins, Vitamin C, and Tri-Amino Acids with optional add-ons for a
pre-workout boost or a post-workout recovery. 

Member $119

Non Member$149


IV with Lactated Ringers,
B vitamins, Vitamin C,
Tri-Amino Acids, and Glutathione. 

Member $139

Non Member $179



IV containing Lactated Ringers, Anti Nausea Medicine, Pain Relief, Magnesium, and Benadryl

Member $129

Non Member $159

Myers' Cocktail PLUS

IV with Lactated Ringers,
B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium,  and Glutathione.  This is our most versatile IV to meet a wide variety of demands!

Member $149

Non Member $189

Ultimate Hydro

For the ULTIMATE hydration boost or recovery. Contains 2000 ml Lactated Ringers, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Glutathione, anti nausea, and pain relief.

Member $184

Non Member $229


For immunity to boost
or recovery. Contains
Vitamin C (x2), Zinc,
B Complex, Magnesium, and Glutathione.

Member $159

Non Member $199


IV to help combat the discomfort of PMS, menstruation, and pain. Contains B Complex, Magnesium, and Pain/Nausea Relief.

Member $99

Non Member $119


IV used to improve your metal health, endurance, and is also anti-aging!

250mg: $299

500mg: $549

750mg: $699


IV/IM Add-Ons
Member / Non-Member Pricing

B12  IV/IM                          $20 / $25

LIPO B  IM                       $24 / $30

ZOFRAN  IV/IM              $16 / $20

TORADOL  IV/IM          $16 / $20

B COMPLEX  IV/IM     $16 / $20 

BIOTIN  IV/IM                        $20 / $25

VITAMIN C  IV                     $16 / $20

VITAMIN D  IM                   $32 / $40

GLUTATHIONE  IV/IM     $24 / $30

B COMPLEX  IV/IM             $16 / $20

PEPCID  IV                       $16 / $20

TRI-AMINOS  IV/IM    $28 / $35

ZINC  IV                              $28 / $35

COQ10  IM                       $32 / $40

TAURINE  IV/IM             $24 / $30

*High doses of Vitamin C and Glutathione price varies

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Chris and Rachel were AMAZING! I can’t say enough good things about this place and the people that run it. They make you feel relaxed and ensure your every question is answered. I would absolutely recommend them if you’re feeling a little under the weather or just need a boost for a wedding weekend.

Dana Redd


The Hydration Station saved my life! (*I’m being slightly dramatic, but it really was fantastic…) Chris & Co. were as professional and helpful as could be while helping us feel better than we could have ever imagined. We were skeptical at first, but are now big believers! Highly recommend.

Sam Vonderheide


Absolutely awesome! This is the only place I’ll go from now on to get hydrated! Staff, location, service, & decor are all great.

I’ve tried others and trust they actually know what they’re doing!

Jonathan Hudson


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