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Red Light Therapy

Our Red Light Therapy Services

Discover the rejuvenating effects of Red Light and Near Infrared Light Therapy, scientifically known as photobiomodulation (PBM). These non-invasive therapies offer a wide range of health benefits, supported by studies indicating potential increases in energy, reduced inflammation, improved skin appearance, heightened collagen production, enhanced sleep quality, and more.

Red light, a component of the visible light spectrum obtained naturally from the sun, and near-infrared light, though not visible, is felt as heat. Both contribute to the therapeutic effects during the sessions. The isolated wavelengths during therapy mimic the benefits of sunlight without the harmful UV rays and risk of sunburn, providing a safe and soothing experience at The Hydration Station.


Single Session – $10
Unlimited Monthly Usage – $29

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Typically sessions are 7-15 minutes.
We recommend sessions at least 2-3 times per week but the most benefits will be obtained with 4 or more times per week.
Our therapy panels have hundreds of red lights and infrared lights on them to cover as much surface area on your body as possible. When red light and infrared light waves penetrate your body, the light is absorbed by cells in your skin and deeper tissues. These specific wave lengths trigger your cells to start producing more energy. When cells start to work harder, we notice the benefits!

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